Huber to install touchless fixtures at The Rose in hopes of opening

The Rose Music Center will soon be equipped with “touchless” fixtures for concerts to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Huber Heights City Council passed legislation at Thursday’s special meeting to allow the city manager to buy automatic plumbing fixtures and other supplies. The city will spend about $50,000 on automatic flushers and sinks for the bathrooms at The Rose Music Center.

“As we look forward to a summer concert season, we’re making the transition to being a more touchless facility,” said Huber Heights City Manager Rob Schommer. “Our number one priority is making sure our patrons feel safe.”

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Schommer said existing city employees will install the equipment in the next couple of weeks. Schommer said the city would have the order in this week to Best Plumbing Specialties, Inc.

The hand dryers are already automatic and the entryway to get into the bathrooms at The Rose already do not have doors, so concert-goers don’t pull or push on them. Once these automatic faucets and toilet flushers are installed, the entire bathroom will essentially be touch-free, Schommer said.

“We are trying to be proactive and diligent in producing as healthy an environment as possible for our patrons,” Schommer said. “We are eagerly awaiting the ability for those types of gatherings.”

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Schommer said the city is also looking into installing touchless hand sanitizer machines at the entrances of The Rose.

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