Hurricane Michael hits home for University of Dayton student

Hurricane Michael has hit home for one University of Dayton student, literally.

Tate Hagan’s home is an hour and a half away from the hardest hit part of the state, Panama City Beach, Florida.

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Hagan grew up in Tallahassee, but visited Panama City’s beaches often, and says it’ been difficult knowing he’s more than 700 miles away.

"Being up here so far away, all I can do is watch it on TV," Hagan told News Center 7's John Bedell. "I want to make sure everybody's OK. Friends and family, so that's been a little weird not being at home."

Hagan’s mom evacuated as the storm approached, but his father, step-mother and brother have been riding it out at home.

"They knew it was going to be OK to stay but they are out of power -- had to go get a lot of food, a lot of water to last without probably four, five days without power."

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Hagan’s father said tree damage has turned their home into an island, and they’d have to cut their way out.

For Hagan, he says it’s been a relief knowing his family is safe, and has been calling every day to make sure they are OK.

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