New data: Interactive map shows thousands of tornado damaged properties in 3-county area

New data from Montgomery, Greene and Miami counties provides the most complete look at where Memorial Day tornado damage was reported.

Using the map, you can zoom all the way down to the street level to see where damage was reported. Click the icon in the upper left corner of the map to toggle on/off the different types of damage.

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More than 6,000 properties in the three counties sustained tornado damage, 1,250 were either destroyed or had major damage.

The damage is categorized 5 ways:

  • Shingle damage (shown in yellow)
  • Roof damage (shown in orange)
  • Minor damage (shown in red)
  • Major damage (shown in blue)
  • Destroyed (shown in purple)

Memorial Day tornadoes' toll on property

>More than 6,000 properties in Greene, Miami and Montgomery counties were affected by Memorial Day tornadoes, including 1,250 that were destroyed or had major damage, making them uninhabitable, according to officials.
CountyParcels affectedDestroyed, major damageModerate damageMinor damage
Montgomery 4,434 915 1,255 2,264
Greene 1,445 293*396
Miami 144 42*57
Total 6,023 1,250   2,717
*Did not report
Sources: Greene County Auditor's Office, Miami County EMA, Montgomery County Auditor's Office

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