Jail repairs being made

The health department gave the county until Dec. 9 to make a series of ordered repairs throughout the 40-year-old jail in downtown Troy.

Chris Johnson, county facilities director, told the county commissioners Oct. 2 he is developing a corrective action plan.

The commissioners, who have questioned some of the orders, said they want health department and county building inspectors to go through the jail with commission representatives to point out specific concerns. “I want pictures,” Commission President Richard Cultice said.

Among violations claimed were plumbing/fixtures in poor repair; sanitary facilities in poor repair; mold growth; unclean ventilation system in poor repair; damage to floors, ceilings, walls; excessive insects/infestation; crumbling, damaged and concrete compromised by water damage; and inoperable or not properly maintained electric outlets and light switches. NANCY BOWMAN, CONTRIBUTING WRITER