Las Vegas shooting victim featured on K99.1FM morning show

Dayton’s K99.1FM opened its phone lines to listeners after the shooting in Las Vegas at a country music concert, which killed at least 50 people and hurt over 400 people.

“We just thought we’re going to suspend what we normally do on the show,” said K99.1FM host Nancy Wilson.  “Country music is family. This is all about how folks bond together.”

Wilson said the majority of callers expressed anger this morning, but one caller said she was wounded by the gunfire.

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“It went into my left arm and shot through,” Kena Parry told K99.1FM’s sister station in Tulsa, adding that the bullet is still lodged in her abdomen, as doctors told her it would be more dangerous to try and remove the bullet.

“I still have the bullet in me,” she said.

Kena said she and her boyfriend thought the gunfire was initially fireworks, but soon figured out it was gunshots.

“We were actually starting to leave when it got really bad,” Kena said. “We had dropped to the floor and started telling him that my arm and side was really hurting.”

Darlene Dye called the station and said the tragedy won’t keep her from going to concerts.

“You can’t let it stop you from going,” said Darlene Dye.  “We can’t let these crazy people stop us.”

Another caller, who identified herself as Michelle, said her daughter in-law was in Las Vegas, staying at the MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.

“There was a lot of chaos,” Michelle said, adding that her daughter-in-law is OK.  “She was actually one of the ones down on the strip.”

Wilson’s co-host, Frye, has visited Las Vegas 36 times and said being a new father, he could only think of what was going through Jason Aldean’s mind when he heard the gunfire while performing on stage being an expecting father.

“Jason Aldean’s wife was there and as a new dad myself, thinking about them and their family, and here’s his wife standing by the side of the stage, I’m sure that’s where Jason was running to,” Frye said.  “I take offense to it. It hits home when it’s your friends and people you know in part of your community.”

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