Local businesses donate supplies for Huber Heights first responders

Face masks being prepared for use by Miamisburg company epluno. JIM NOELKER/STAFF
Face masks being prepared for use by Miamisburg company epluno. JIM NOELKER/STAFF

Several local businesses donated supplies for the Huber Heights first responders.

The Compounding Lab, a Huber Heights pharmacy, donated hand sanitizing products to both the Huber Heights police and fire departments. Lowe’s in Huber Heights donated safety glasses to the police.

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Car-detailing business Ziebart donated vehicle cleaning supplies to the Huber Heights police. Dr. Thomas Theil, a dentist on Brandt Pike, donated personal protective equipment to the Huber Heights fire division.

“Without solicitation, these businesses and individuals stepped up and made donations to our city’s first responders,” said Huber Heights City Manager Rob Schommer.

Huber Heights Mayor Jeff Gore recognized those businesses at the remote city council meeting this week.

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Police and fire departments continue to operate even as the state is on lockdown. Due to high demand because of the coronavirus, supplies are often hard to come by for many first responders and health care workers.

“I think this speaks volumes for the rapport between our citizens and our fire and police departments and between our businesses and our fire and police,” Schommer said. “This is a very direct way to give back and show support for our city’s first responders.”

Schommer said a citizen recently donated hand-sewn masks to the police department. There have been a lot of citizens making donations of supplies to help the first responders in Huber Heights.

“In trying times, when people and communities work together, we can address problems,” Schommer said. “I think we’re certainly seeing that all over the world right now and Huber Heights is no exception.”

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