Loyal subscriber Lucille Tyree: Newspaper has been part of her family’s life


For Dayton Daily News subscriber Lucille Tyree, the paper has played many roles in her life.

Today, she sees it as a great source for recipes.

Her favorite section is the life section because of the recipes; they are the first things she turns to. She says she has tried any recipe that has been a dessert or fish recipe.

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“They have been great,” she said.

When Tyree and her husband Frederick began their subscription in May 1953 - just two years after they were married - Frederick would read one section while she read another. They would switch when they were done.

Her sons sought out the sports sections. All three of her sons later delivered the paper and her husband drove them on their routes.

Tyree, 87, of Dayton, has been a regular newspaper reader her entire life. She took the Journal Herald to work with her to read and by the time she came home, the evening paper was at her doorstep. She had worked at Wright-Patt as a supervisor technician prior to having her children and then the former Defense Electronics Supply Center.

Frederick passed away in March 2005; Tyree’s children are Dwight, Kevin, Roderick and Deidra.

Today, she reads her paper with her morning coffee and is a clerk/secretary at her church, Freedom Hill Bible Church.

“I just like sitting down and reading my paper and drinking my coffee,” she said.

Tyree said she will continue to receive the paper as long as she can.

“Thanks for being here,” she said.

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