Main thoroughfares picked for $300,000 Miamisburg infrastructure work

The city is expected tonight to award a $300,000 contract for its sidewalk, curb and gutter program this year for work on North Heincke Road and South Main Street.

The agreement with W.G. Stang LLC of Hamilton includes about 65 properties on both streets combined, city records show.

Typically, the program includes several streets, City Engineer Bob Stanley said. However, this year’s work reflects a commitment to high-traffic areas as sections of Heincke and Main are set to be repaved next year because of their condition, he added.

“The big difference is just that….it’s two streets instead of maybe 10 or 12 streets because we picked two we two large, main thoroughfare streets,” Stanley said.

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Commonly, the city includes areas for the sidewalk, curb and gutter program and repaves those roads the following year, he said.

This year, North Heincke from King Richard Parkway to Hickory Glen Drive will be included, Miamisburg records show. The South Main section includes from Linden to Mays avenues.

Work is expected to start next month and be completed by September.

Stang’s $299,583 bid was slightly lower than R.A. Miller Construction’s submission of $302,043, but both exceeded the city’s estimate of $260,000, Miamisburg records show.

Both Hamilton companies have contracted with the city on this program in previous years.

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City council tonight is expected to approve the contract for Stang, along with an $80,000 fund transfer to cover the additional costs, Stanley said.

In recent years, the city has spent anywhere from $230,000 to nearly $443,000, records show.

Letters to residents whose properties are impacted by this year’s work will be sent out in the near future, he said.

“We’re now going out and actually marking the areas that need repair with paint and then we send the residents…. letters and they’ve got a certain amount of time to do the work themselves, get somebody to do it or go into our program,” Stanley said.

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“And most recently – in the last several years – I would say over 90 percent of the folks have went with the city program because it’s competitively bid and usually a good contractor and we inspect the work,” he added.

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