Miamisburg water tower is getting a face lift

Miamisburg to improve look of city’s water towers with splash of paint

Friday afternoon, an out-of-town paint contractor could be seen putting some coats on the West Linden tower.

The rehab project costs roughly $300,000, which includes a planned upgrade of the internal equipment used to operate the tower and paint jobs for the city’s other water towers as well. 

The plan is to make the tower on West Linden Avenue a more welcoming sign for visitors by adding some artwork to the finished product as well. 

Residents say it's about time for the upgrade. 

"I mean, they try to do a little bit of things, but nothing major," city resident Tammy McNeil told News Center 7's Tavares Jones on Friday. 

"Something major needed to be done, so hopefully this is gonna do it for us," she said.

City officials said weather permitting, the project should be completed sometime in June. 

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