14 Miamisburg student-athletes suspended, parent says district has high standards


Fourteen student-athletes at Miamisburg schools have been suspended from regular scheduled games following an incident this past weekend, according to the district.

“The administration and our SRO investigated the allegations, as well as interviewing approximately 40 students, athletes and non-athletes,” said Miamisburg Superintendent David Vail. “The outcome of the investigation is that 14 student-athletes were found to be in violation of the code of conduct.”

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Vail said the student-athletes are suspended for 20 percent of the regular scheduled games, which may entail post-season tournament games.

“All of the student-athletes, their parents, and their coaches have been notified and made aware of the consequences,”

New Center 7's James Buechele was in Miamisburg Friday night at the football game to get parents' reactions about the students' punishment.

Rhea Rowser Gray has two daughters that attend Miamisburg Schools.

“I didn’t know any details, I just know that I just make sure and stress to my girls that when they get together with friends, I want them to make really good choices,” she said. “We’re proud to be Vikings, I think Miamisburg does a good job making sure that it’s a zero tolerance policy,” she said.

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Rowser Gray says the district has high standards and thinks it’s good the board enforces them.

“With social media these days there’s so many ways for the school to get information about what happens on the weekends.”

Vail did not say which sports the student-athletes, who were suspended, were playing.

We’re also working to learn which grade the athletes were in.

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