Montgomery County health inspections

The following are a sampling of food operation inspection reports from Public Health–Dayton & Montgomery County, from the week of Oct. 10-14. View full inspections reports at

Citilites Restaurant

1 W. Second St., Dayton

Date of inspection: Oct. 12

Violations: Observed the following foods out of temperature range for cold holding: chicken salad 52.9F, sour cream cilantro 43.8F, and pico de gallo 48F. Ensure all TCS foods are maintained at 41F or lower to limit the growth of bacteria. PIC voluntarily discarded foods during inspection.

Observed reach-in cooler at the grill top located at the very end not properly working. Ensure the reach-in cooler is serviced and maintained in good working order to keep foods in proper temperature ranges. PIC contacted technician during inspection to be serviced today.

Comments: Observed proper glove usage by kitchen personnel.

Discussed proper drying methods for equipment and utensils.

Observed foods properly stored and date marked during inspection.

Dish machine was serviced during inspection and in good working condition.

PIC has good working knowledge of food safety and sanitation.

Food code changes was discussed and distributed to PIC.

El Toro Viejo

2335 Miamisburg Centerville Road, Dayton

Date of inspection: Oct. 13

Violations: Observed multiple foods being stored on floors in walk-in freezer. Ensure foods are stored a minimum of 6 inches off of floors in order to prevent contamination.

Observed multiple foods thawing at room temperature. Ensure foods are thawed in working cooler, inside food prep sink (under cool running water), or inside microwave (only if food is cooked immediately, in order to limit the growth of bacteria.

- Chorizo- thawing- 62.0F- 34- 4 ounce portions were voluntarily discarded by PIC

- Tilapia- thawing- 63.0F- 20- 6 ounce portions were voluntarily discarded by PIC

- T-bone steak- thawing- 62.0- 6 steaks were voluntarily discarded by PIC

Observed ALL prepared foods, in walk-in and prep coolers, not supplied with proper datemarking. Ensure foods, prepared in facility and held for longer than 24 hours, are datemarked with a prep or a discard date in order to limit the growth of bacteria.

- Foods shall be discarded no longer than 7 days after prep date.

Observed ventilation hood filter missing rear backing. Ensure filter is replaced with new in order to prevent greases from entering exhaust area possibly causing fire hazards.

Observed multiple food contact surfaces with build-up of food residue. Ensure food contact surface are broken down (if needed), washed, rinsed, and sanitized after use or every 4 hours, if they are used throughout hours of operation, in order to prevent contamination.

- Vegetable dicers

- Ice scoops

- Knives (above food prep table)

Observed handsink, near prep line, removed. Ensure handsink is re-installed in original location so that handsink is more accessible allowing for proper handwashing to occur preventing the spread of contamination.

Observed handsink, at bar, not supplied with soap. Ensure all handsinks are supplied with soap, hot water (minimum 100.0F), and paper towels so that proper handwashing can occur preventing the spread of contamination.

Comments: Spoke with PIC concerning repairing light fixture in walk-in freezer.

Observed acceptable chlorine bleach in sanitizer buckets and in chemical sanitizing dish machine.

A re-inspection shall occur 10/17/2016 or thereafter.