Montgomery County Health Inspections

The following are a sampling of food operation inspection reports from Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County, from the week of July 18 to July 22. View full inspections reports at

Tim Hortons

6793 Miller Lane, Dayton

Date of inspection: July 19

Violations: Chili was holding at 118F. Chili shall be reheated to minimum 135F prior to holding. The temperature can be higher but no lower than 135F at any time. Reheated to 168F. OK.

The sanitizer container attached to the dishwasher was empty at the time of inspection.

The detergent was empty as well. Provide all supplies to the dishwasher for proper utensil washing. For now, wash, rinse and sanitize only in the three compartment sink until the supplies are provided.

Comments: All other temperatures were good:

Ham, cold holding at 37F

Turkey, cold holding at 36F

Cheese, cold holding at 41F

Cream of broccoli soup, hot holding at 166F

Chicken noodle soup, hot holding at 160F

Steak, hot holding at 158F

Sausage, hot holding at 171F

Eggs, hot holding at 152F.

All good hot and cold holding temperatures. Be sure to use your thermometer and check food temperatures throughout the day to ensure proper food safety.

Arby’s Roast Beef

3655 Maxton Road, Dayton

Date of inspection: July 20

Violations: All TCS foods in the prep cooler and the milk display cooler at the service area were above 41F at time of inspection.

Prep cooler: slice tom, 48F; sliced ham, 50F; sliced turkey, 49F; beef brisket, 51F

Milk display cooler: milk, 48F

The TCS foods are being moved to another cooler that works at this time.

Repair cooling units as needed before use again.

Maintenance has been called.

The handwash sinks in the male and female restrooms are dripping at this time. Repair as required.

Comments: Operation is generally in excellent sanitary condition at this time.

However, it is recommended to sweep the floor of the walk-in freezer to remove old accumulation. Correct above violations for reinspection on or after 07/22/16.

Fazoli’s Restaurant

5230 Cobblegate Drive, Moraine

Date of inspection: July 18

Violations: Observed salad dressings and cheesecakes at temperatures between 49-50F. Perishable foods must remain cold at 41F or less for food safety. Person-in-charge removed dressings and cheesecakes during the inspection for voluntary discard.

Single-door dessert cooler not able to keep perishable foods cold enough. Equipment must function properly. Ensure cooler unit is repaired or replaced. Authorized to re-stock with perishable foods upon ambient air thermometer reading of 36-39F.

Comments: Replace white plastic stirrer at the pasta cooking station, appears to be peeling.

Chlorine sanitizer concentration: 100ppm

Quat sanitizer concentration: 200ppm

Will conduct a re-inspection on or around 7/25/16 to confirm cooler function.

CJ Chan

2747 W. Alex-Bell Road, Moraine

Date of inspection: July 19

Violations: Observed raw shrimp stored above cooked chicken in a two-door, upright cooler and in the walk-in cooler. Raw animal food must be stored separate and away from ready-to-eat foods. Person-in-charge relocated the raw shrimp to safe storage during the inspection. Corrected.

Observed food stored in grocery store/take-out bags. Food must be protected from cross-contamination. Use food grade bags for food storage for protection from cross-contamination.

Observed bottled beverages stored in the bulk ice machine. Food (ice) must contact only clean equipment-utensils. Person-in-charge removed beverages from bulk ice machine storage. Do not store beverages in ice used in beverages. Corrected.

Food debris from the previous day observed on the floors, underneath equipment on the grill/fryer line, and on equipment. Facility must be maintained clean. Clean and ensure cleaning is done daily and as often as needed to maintain clean.

Comments: Ecolab lo/temp/sanitizing W.W.M.

Chlorine: 50ppm

Provided and discussed food code update information.

Will conduct a re-inspection on or around 7/26/16.