Suspect sedated with drugs after fighting 4 police officers, Tasers

Police used Tasers and an anesthetic this week to subdue a Moraine man who injured three officers while fighting them with “an unusually high level of strength,” records show.

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Five West Carrollton officers – including a captain and a sergeant – responded to a scene on East Dixie Drive Monday before overpowering and arresting Levi Reams, who faces charges in Miamisburg Municipal Court, according to documents obtained by the Dayton Daily News.

Police twice wounded the 5-foot-11, 185-pound Reams, 29, with a Taser, and three officers sustained minor injuries struggling with the suspect before he was sedated by two doses of Ketamine, an anesthetic commonly used on humans and animals, West Carrollton Police Department records show.

The incident occurred about 5 p.m. Monday after officers were dispatched in response to a call for medical attention from a man in the 800 block of East Dixie Drive, police said.

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Reams was arrested after a “fight” with police at ele Cake Co. They had tracked him there on suspicion of public intoxication after Capt. Adam Blake indicated the Moraine man was “under the influence of some unknown substance and acting very strange,” police records state.

When told he was under arrest, Reams resisted, prompting police to physically confront him, according to records.

Reams fought off at least three officers seeking to handcuff him and, after the first Taser wound, “with four officers on him, Reams was still able to partially get up and move forward toward the counter,” Officer Jared Moore stated in a report.

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“I was starting to get physically exhausted, and Reams seemed to still have an abundant amount of energy, so I began to deliver knee strikes to the right side of his rib cage in an attempt to disrupt his ability to fight,” Moore added in the report. “I delivered two volleys of approximately two to three strikes each, which seemed to have some effect; however, Reams continued resisting.”

Police were able to restrain Reams by using different sets of cuffs on each of his hands and locking them together, documents state.

He was then sedated with the Ketamine doses and then taken to the hospital. Reams is scheduled to be in court on Jan. 29 to face charges of resisting arrest, obstructing official business and failure to disclose personal information, court records show.

One officer had swelling under one eye from a Reams’ elbow while another had minor hand cuts, according to a report by Sgt. Alexander Flynn.

Flynn’s report stated he had minor facial scratches, and that his left hand middle fingers were numb for several hours afterward.

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