New footage shows gunman at Blind Bob’s hours before shooting

New Blind Bob’s surveillance footage shows that gunnman Connor Betts arrived at the Oregon District bar nearly two hours before he opened fire on the crowds walking the streets.

The video obtained by CNN show that Betts, his sister Megan and a companion arrived at Blind Bob’s shortly after 11 p.m. Saturday night. Betts, wearing shorts, a t-shirt and sneakers is seen entering the bar, receiving a wristband and then waiting for his sister and companion to have their IDs checked as well.


The three were in the bar for about an hour before Betts separated from his sister and companion. The footage shows him leaving the bar around 12:13 a.m. after stopping at the entrance to talk to a security guard.

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His sister and their companion remained in the bar another 45 minutes before they also exit around 1 a.m., the video shows.

The first shots were fired around 1:05 a.m., killing nine people including his sister in less than a minute before police shot and killed Betts.


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