Coronavirus: Ohio dentists asked to close down except for emergencies

The Ohio Dental Association and Ohio State Dental Board are directing dentists and dental professionals to postpone and reschedule elective procedures because of the coronavirus.

The groups say Gov. Mike DeWine asked for their help to help stop the spread of COVI-19, and they are asking dental professionals to preserve personal protective equipment supplies and reduce patients’ exposure risk by putting off non-essential dental services.

Dental professionals still should provide access to necessary and emergency services, but the dental association and state board have asked that they reschedule cosmetic or aesthetic procedures, like teeth bleaching and veneers.

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Providers also have been asked to postpone routine hygiene appointments, periodontal plastic surgery and procedures that are not aimed at relieving pain, infection or normal functioning.

The state board and dental association also recommend that providers have patients wait in their cars instead of waiting areas, stagger appointment times and remove all magazines and toys from waiting areas to prevent contamination.

Some local dental offices are asking patients to reschedule if they are sick.

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