Oregon District mass shooting: What you need to know

A gunman killed nine people and injured 37 early Sunday morning in the Oregon District.

The Dayton mass shooting came less than 24 hours after a mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

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Here are five things you need to know this morning about the tragedy:


Police say suspected gunman Connor Betts, 24, wearing a mask and bulletproof vest, killed one person in an alley next to Blind Bob’s Bar then turned right onto East Fifth Street and opened fire on the crowd near Ned Peppers Bar on East Fifth Street. Nine people were killed before police shot him.

The shooting happened just after 1 a.m., when the Oregon District was full of people. The shootings took place in less than 60 seconds.

Betts was shot just outside the door to Ned Peppers Bar.

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Credit: John Minchillo/AP

Credit: John Minchillo/AP


Five men and four women were killed in the shooting, including the suspected shooter’s sister.

Lois OglesbyMegan BettsNicholas CumerLogan TurnerThomas McNicholsDerrick FudgeMonica BrickhouseSaheed Saleh and Beatrice 'Nicole' Warren-Curtis were fatally shot.

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Twenty-seven were injured and most have been released. We are continuing to check with local hospitals on the conditions of those remaining hospitalized.


Police have identified Betts as the suspected shooter.

Betts was once kicked out of Bellbrook High School for making a list of girls he wanted to kill, the Dayton Daily News learned in interviews with former classmates and school administrators.

According to sources interviewed by this organization, the shooter was suspended in high school for causing a lockdown by writing a hit list on a bathroom wall.

“I would not dispute that information, but I don’t want to get involved any more than just making that comment,” Chris Baker, the former Bellbrook High School principal who resigned this summer.

Betts arrived at the Oregon District with his sister and another person on Saturday night, authorities said.

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Investigators said it is too early to speculate on a motive.

The individual who accompanied the Betts siblings to the Oregon District was injured but survived and had initial conversations with police, said Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl.


Biehl said that if Betts would have entered Ned Peppers, there would have been “catastrophic” casualties.

The officers involved in the incident were identified as Sgt. William C. Knight, a 22-year Dayton police veteran; and officers Jeremy Campbell, a two-year veteran and three-year veterans Vincent Carter, Ryan Nabel and David Denlinger.

They are on administrative leave following the incident as the investigation continues, which is a standard procedure following such incidents.

Local and state leaders have praised these first responders for saving lives.

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This morning, East Fifth Street was lined with memorials.

The biggest is in front of Ned Pepper’s Bar, outside of which the shooting took place. There are also flower wreaths with the names of those killed in the shooting in front of the Ohio EPA building on East Fifth Street.

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As the investigation continues, Dayton police will continue to use the Dayton Convention Center as a place for resources to help those affected by the shooting in the Oregon District.

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Friends or family members of people who were in the area of the shooting can get information at the convention center, 22 E. Fifth St. in Dayton. Family members and friends can dial the following numbers for information:

  • 937-333-8431
  • 937-333-8421
  • 937-333-8428
  • 937-333-8436
  • 937-333-8430

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