Piqua family helps Haiti with annual home for the holidays reception

Life for dozens of families in one Haitian village is looking brighter, thanks to the generosity of Piqua residents Ben and Louise Scott, Hope for Haitians and Food For The Poor.

The group funded 50 homes in Savann Kabrit, Haiti, of which 30 have been built and the rest will be completed later.

The Scott family will host their third annual fundraiser for 50 additional homes. Social hour for the Home for the Holidays reception starts at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 4, at the Piqua Country Club, 9812 N. Country Club Road.

Eager to see the progress from last year’s fundraisers, Ben Scott returned this month to Savann Kabrit with Food For The Poor Executive Director Angel Aloma.

“We are truly making a difference in so many lives,” Scott said. “We visited the village in Haiti and witnessed the transformation of families, each going from deplorable living conditions into a home that became a castle to each family. These Haitian families now have security, clean water and sanitation.”

Scott’s friends and supporters Frank and Julie Gilardi, fellow Piqua residents, also visited the Caribbean nation.

In the village of Savann Kabrit — east of the capital Port-au-Prince near the Dominican Republic border — wood and mud huts with no toilets or ability to lock their doors are being replaced with colorful concrete block homes.

Last year, when Scott met Marie, her husband and five children, their living condition was dire. Her husband was ill and had to lie on the damp mud floor because they had no bed, and their flimsy home collapsed shortly after Scott met them. The family had to live with others in the community until their home was built.

“I am feeling joy, I feel like blessings are coming down on me,” Marie said of her new home. “My children feel like they are living, they feel alive, and my husband is much better now.”

The Scotts and Hope for Haitians have built more than 400 homes since 2009 across Haiti with Food For The Poor, an international relief and development organization.

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