Huber Police believe no one home at hostage situation

UPDATE @ 1:17 p.m.:

Huber Heights police say they are now not sure if there’s anyone inside a home where a woman reported a hostage situation. A woman came into police station and claimed there was a hostage situation.

Police made contact with the male resident, who was at work, and he’s now on the way home. Police will still do a sweep of the house.

UPDATE @ 12:56 p.m.:

Police are investigating a reported hostage situation at a home in the area of Endicott and Powell roads, however officers are still trying to verify the report, investigators said.

Police said a woman came into the Huber Heights police station reporting that a man at the house was holding someone inside hostage.

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Police are unsure if anyone is inside the residence, however are treating it as an active situation, officers said.

At least seven police cruisers are on the scene.


We’re working to learn more about police activity reported in the area of Endicott and Powell roads in Huber Heights Wednesday afternoon.

Dispatchers confirm multiple officers have responded to the area, but details of their investigation were not available. Initial reports indicate the investigation centers around a home near that intersection.

We have a crew on the way and we’ll update this page as we learn more.

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