Police blotter: Englewood, Vandalia, Tipp City, Piqua

VANDALIA (JUNE 27) – An intoxicated man who walked into the police department requesting a ride home was arrested for disorderly conduct after attempts to find someone to give him a ride failed. Police said the man admitted to being “pretty buzzed right now” and was having problems maintaining his balance. While searching the man, a bag of marijuana was found in his pocket, police said.

LAURA (JULY 5) – A Laura woman reported seeing a male urinating in the front yard of a nearby residence. Miami County Sheriff’s deputies asked the man she identified. He said he was intoxicated and urinated in a flowerpot at the front of his porch. With the admission, the man was given a misdemeanor citation for disorderly conduct. The man said he understood the concern and a repeat incident would not occur, deputies said.

TIPP CITY (JULY 5) – A woman called Miami County Sheriff’s deputies late in the evening to report her brother was texting threats to beat her including “whooping her” bottom. The woman said the dispute stemmed from a misunderstanding about borrowed money. Deputies contacted the brother who said he was tired of the sister “getting away” with things and would likely “whoop” her in the future. The man was warned to watch what he says to a police officer. The sister ended up deciding not to pursue telecommunications harassment charges against her brother.

PIQUA (JUNE 30) – Police were called to the city Street Department on South Main Street on a report of the theft of leaf blowers. No theft had occurred. Employees discovered another worker had taken the blowers from the city truck.

ENGLEWOOD (JUNE 27) – A Brownstone Drive landlord reported new tenants told her the air conditioning was not working properly. When a heating and air conditioning company arrived to check the central air conditioning unit, the worker found the unit was missing and the copper line cut.