Police blotter

VANDALIA (DEC. 9) – A woman was charged with domestic violence after police determined she was the primary aggressor in an altercation in which a portion of her boyfriend’s beard was pulled out. The man said the two argued before the woman grabbed his beard in an attempt to pull him down. Police said the man’s face had visible injuries where the beard had been pulled out. The woman denied the assault and asked for the man’s arrest because her phone was broken during the altercation She was charged and jailed.

VANDALIA (DEC. 8) – Police sent to a Timberlake Drive address following a 911 hang up found three children ages 2-7 alone in a residence with “deplorable” conditions. The parents were contacted and told to come to the residence immediately. The children were released to a grandmother. The parents were issued summonses to appear in court for endangering children. Children Services also was contacted, police report.

BRADFORD (DEC. 22) – Miami County sheriff’s deputies were called to a disturbance on Covington Bradford Road. Residents reported a dispute began over a TV that some of them had paid on when roommates. A woman allegedly hit the female at the residence, knocking her into a screen door, before the man punched the male who lived there. The visitors left before the deputy arrived and had not responded to his calls, according to the report.

TROY (DEC. 19) – A driver who accelerated to beat a red light at West Market Street and Archer Drive caught the attention of a Miami County sheriff’s deputy along with citations. A deputy reported seeing the driver attempt to beat the red light around 5:45 p.m. and pulled him over nearby. The driver said he had a Georgia driver’s license but didn’t have it with him. A check of the license found it was suspended along with the driver’s Ohio license. He was cited for a red light violation and driving under suspension.

ENGLEWOOD (DEC. 16) – Police were called to Wal-Mart on an employee theft report. A loss prevention manager said a cashier was seen loading $450 onto a debit card while working a register on Dec. 12. The employee did not attempt to pay for the card and took the card with her when she left the register. Police contacted the employee’s mother, since she was a juvenile. The mother took her daughter home and was told charges would be filed in juvenile court. The teen was fired.