RTA buses to display ‘United Against Hate’ message through end of May

Credit: Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority

Credit: Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority

The Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority announced that it would join local groups and businesses in sharing the message "United Against Hate" by displaying the words on its buses along with their destination locations.

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RTA CEO Mark Donaghy said, " RTA is proud to join our friends and neighbors throughout the area who want to spread the word that we value diversity, opportunity and inclusion."

The "United Against Hate" campaign began May 13, when the the Dayton Human Relations Council coordinated a number of local groups to call May 13 to June 13 "United Against Hate Month."

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It created the campaign in response to a May 25 rally in downtown Dayton by a group with white-supremacist ideology.

The RTA intends to display the message through the end of the month.

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