Rudy Flyer: A peek inside the life of UD’s mascot

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Rudy Flyer: A peek inside the life of UD mascot

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

The Dayton Flyers are ranked third in the country and the excitement behind the team hasn’t been this intense since their Elite Eight run in 2014.

News Center 7’s James Rider caught up with someone who has a front row seat and back stage access to this thrilling season. The team’s mascot, Rudy Flyer.

Who is Rudy Flyer? That’s a closely guarded secret at UD. But on the condition of anonymity, Rider got a peek inside the life of what it’s like to be Rudy.

“You’re that hype man, you’re that guy that gets everybody going. You’re the one that everyone’s looking forward to seeing, getting a picture with so you feel really important,” said Rudy.

One of the biggest challenges is Rudy is there to help pump up the crowd but he has to do it without saying a word. But there are times where he might slip up and let out a cheer.

“Whenever the crowd is super loud, you can’t hear me through the suit,” he said.

Rider asked how he gets ready for a game.

“Just a couple of energy drinks before the game and I am absolutely ready to go and go nuts,” said Rudy.

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Rudy has been there front and center for it all. But even he admits this season is something special.

“ I remember my freshman year, I always thought the basketball team was really amazing but then this year it’s just completely blown everything out of the water,” he said.

But having a front row seat to the action does have its drawbacks.

“I’ve taken my fair share of basketballs to the helmet before.”

Whether it’s on the floor or behind the scenes, no one gets to follow the Flyers season quite like Rudy.

“It’s weird to like be in the tunnel and see some guys that are so goofy around campus be so serious,” Rudy said.

For the lucky few that get to done the costume, it just means more.

“When I see Rudy Flyer when I think Rudy Flyer, I think that’s part of who I am,” he said.

Rudy hopes to keep dancing and celebrating Flyers wins well into the NCAA tournament.

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