Spouse Employment Training Program aims to heighten job security

Spouses of active-duty Air Force members can receive entry-level dental assistant skills training through the Air Force Aid Society-sponsored Spouse Employment Training Program offered at the Airman and Family Readiness Center.

This training program is offered through an Air Force Aid Society Grant, and is a 4-to-6 week, online, self-paced training program. The number of spouses selected each year is based on the total cost of the program and the amount awarded by HQ AFAS. This year, up to six spouses can receive training, which is taught on base in partnership with a local community college.

“This is an annual training program,” said Gary Sapp, Work/Life consultant at the Airman and Family Readiness Center.

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Last year, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base was one of 62 bases selected to participate in the program. Each base tailored its respective efforts to provide spouses with entry-level employment skills to aid with employment opportunities in their local areas. Last year, training was offered for three spouses in Clinical Medical Assistance.

“We understand that finances are a major concern of our younger military families and the main obstacle many times to finding employment is the lack of skills for entry-level jobs,” said Sapp.

Using a “group” training design, allows the A&FRC to work with a local community college to tailor training to the requirement of local employers who are interested in hiring military spouses.

“This year’s dental assisting program prepares students for entry-level positions in one of the fastest growing health care professions in our local area,” said Sapp. “Next year we will consider a different training opportunity.”

To successfully complete the program, each applicant must have access to a computer, basic computer skills and some knowledge of online learning. The A&FRC will work with spouses to arrange classes during times that are convenient.

“This training opportunity is also available to spouses of Reserve and Air National Guard members, activated on Title 10 orders for the duration of approved training,” said Sapp.

To apply for the dental assistant training, applicants are asked to provide a brief essay, no more than two pages, on how they feel this program grant will impact their job skills and increase their opportunities for employment in the future. Selection of the spouses will occur after the Feb. 28 deadline.

“The overall goal is to assist spouses in securing immediate employment thereby improving financial readiness,” said Gary Sapp, Work/Life consultant at the Airman and Family Readiness Center.

For more information, contact the Airman and Family Readiness Center, Community Readiness Consultant Gary Sapp at 937-257-7767 or at gary.sapp.1@us.af.mil.

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