Springboro crossroads part of $44M in Warren County road construction

$4 million reconstruction to begin at Springboro crossroads

Kevin Hughes will lose a piece of property and sidewalk in construction improvements at Ohio 741 and Ohio 73, the central crossroads of Springboro.

Still the lawyer expressed excitement about the project, part of more than $44 million in road construction planned by the county engineer’s office and Ohio Department of Transportation this year in Warren County.

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“I think it’s going to look a lot better and clean up the congestion,” Hughes said last week, standing outside his office, just southeast of the intersection. “It’s tough to get back into my office in the afternoon.”

Road construction at the intersection of Ohio 741 and Ohio 73, Central Avenue and Main Street in Springboro, is expected to cost $4 million — tying it for the second most expensive county road project anticipated in 2017, topped only by $7.3 million expected to be spent widening Mason-Montgomery Road.

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There is one other $4 million project on the county’s list, the widening Innovation Way in Deerfield Twp. In all county estimates put the total construction price tag just shy of $23.1 million in 2017.

The $21 million in upgrades planned by the Ohio Department of Transportation at the Western Row interchange jumps the total estimated public funds to be invested in Warren County road improvements this year to more than $44 million, not including culvert projects anticipated this year by the state in the fast-growing county.

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Next month, bids are to be sought on the Springboro project, part of more than $10 million in plans expected to transform Springboro's central intersection.

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The widening of Innovation Way and Mason-Montgomery Road, designed to ease traffic congestion in the Mason-Deerfield area and the expanded Proctor & Gamble offices are to be put out to bid in February and April, respectively.

Once bids are accepted, the contractors can begin work, weather and construction schedules permitting.

In May, bids will go out for widening Duke Boulevard in Deerfield Twp., with a construction price tag of $1.7 million, also the estimated cost to build a roundabout and replace a bridge at Greentree Road at Union Road in Turtlecreek Twp., a mostly rural township expected to undergo residential growth in coming years.

The engineer’s office also plans to spend $2 million on repaving, $500,000 for chip sealing roads and $100,000 in striping of roads around the county, replace the Butterworth Road bridge over Ertel Run in Hamilton Twp. and New Burlington Road bridge in Wayne Twp., and rehabilitate the Pence Jones Road bridge in Wayne Twp.

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Also a right-turn lane is to be added at Tylersville and Butler-Warren roads in Deerfield Twp. and improvements are coming to Zoar Road in Hamilton Twp and Turtlecreek-Union Road in Turtlecreek Twp., and pole foundations will be added for traffic signals on Wilkens Boulevard in Deerfield Twp.

Kurt Weber, an assistant county engineer, brought the Warren County Board of Commissioners up to date on the projects earlier this month.

They are to be financed and paid for with local, state and federal public funds coming from the transportation district managed by the county’ engineers office, local governments and other funds managed by County Engineer Neil Tunison’s office.

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Springboro is picking up most of the more than $10 million in funding for the crossroads road work.

With the land taken from Hughes, the project required acquisition of property on all four corners, including a Speedway gas station and convenience store on the southwest corner, across Ohio 741 (Main Street) from Hughes' office.

“The right of way was almost as expensive as the construction,” Weber told the commissioners.

On Friday, the city announced the contract for the construction is to be awarded at the end of May.

The road project and redevelopment expected to follow around the intersection are expected to ease traffic and revive the city center.

In the process, Hughes figures to lose 16 feet of property and 8 inches of sidewalk, for which he was compensated.

Nonetheless he said he was looking forward to the project kick-off and the day when the improvements alleviate afternoon gridlock on southbound Ohio 741.

“The light will cycle three times while you wait,” he said. “I’m just excited for when it starts.”


2017 Warren County Road Projects

* Butterworth Road Bridge Replacement over Ertel Run, $200,000, Hamilton Twp., February

* Innovation Way Widening, $4 million, City of Mason, February

* Greentree Road at Union Road Intersection Roundabout, Bridge Replacement; $1.7 million; Turtlecreek Twp; February

* Pence Jones Road Bridge Rehabilitation, $275,000, Wayne Twp., February

* Warren County Resurfacing, $2 million, various roads, April

* Warren County Striping, $100,000, various roads, May

* Tylersville Road at Butler-Warren Road Westbound Right Turn Lane, $166,000, Deerfield Twp., June

* Zoar Road Improvements, $380,000, Hamilton Twp., June 2017

* Turtlecreek-Union Road, $350,000.00 Turtlecreek Twp., Union Twp., June

* Warren County chip seal, $500,000, various roads, June

* Ohio 73-Ohio 741 intersection, $4 million, Springboro, March

* Mason-Montgomery Road widening, $7.3 million, Deerfield Twp., April

* Duke Boulevard widening $1.7 million, Deerfield Twp., May

* Wilkens Boulevard traffic signal pole foundations, $55,000, Deerfield Twp.

* New Burlington Road bridge replacement, $350,000, Wayne Twp., summer

Source: Warren County Engineer’s Office

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