Study shows Daytonians don’t like pizzazz in their vehicle color

People in the Dayton area don’t like a lot pizzazz in their vehicle colors.

An survey shows the favorite car colors for Daytonians are black and white.

The most popular color people in the Dayton area and Ohio choose for their vehicle is black. With the rest of the top four holding greyscale tones such as white, grey, and silver, according to, a national website that tracks vehicle sales.

In fifth place for most popular color cars, was red and blue coming in sixth.

Nationally, white is the most popular car color driven by consumers. According to iSeeCars CEO, Phong Ly, one of the reasons behind this common color choice is keeping the car clean.

“White is also one of the easiest car colors to maintain and surprisingly hides dirt better than most colors,” Ly said. “Consumers may prefer grayscale colored cars from a practicality standpoint since they are colors they are less likely to tire of.”

This study examined 9.4 million cars on the road to determine the breakdown of color. Out of those millions of cars, 70 percent were greyscale colors. Data analyzed was of one- to five-year-old used cars that were model years between 2014 - 2018 and sold in 2019.

The color of each car, as well as the location of sale, were tallied to determine the most popular car color nationally, in each state, and in each metro area.

Cincinnati and Columbus both ranked highest in black color cars.

Less than two percent of the popular car colors included brown, green, orange and beige.

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