The survivors: Alayna Young: ‘we should all just hug each other extra tight’

Alayna Young is now home and said she is on the mend, but she cautioned others to be mindful of what they post on social media and say.

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Young, who works at Blind Bob’s in Dayton’s historic Oregon District, is one of 27 people injured during the early Sunday mass shooting.

She posted a lengthy update to social media Sunday evening about her recovery and ordeal.

“I’m going to be limping around for awhile but otherwise I will be OK physically,” she posted on her Facebook page.

Young thanked everyone who helped her, including those who helped to stop the bleeding and get her into a police cruiser to go to a local hospital.

“I can’t put into words how grateful I am for everyone who went straight into action mode and kept me alive and safe,” she said.

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But she also cautioned others about what they post online: “I’ve had to see a video of myself getting shot on my Facebook feed multiple times and it just doesn’t make me feel great at this point.”

Young said she wished she had eloquent words to express her feelings, but said “we should all just hug each other extra tight and tell the people that we love what they mean to us.”

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