Karil Sampson, 40, of Dayton

5 things people are saying about the new downtown Dayton Metro Library

The grand opening of the rebuilt main Dayton Metro Library was held on Saturday. An estimated 5,000 people came to see the $64 million taxpayer-funded library.

Here’s what five of them had to say.

Karil Sampson, 40, Dayton

“It’s lovely inside. I can’t wait for the kids to use it.”

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Bing Davis, Dayton

“I’m pleasantly overwhelmed, as I anticipated I would be.”

Bing Davis of Dayton
Photo: Staff Writer

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Sally Roof, 63, Dayton teacher

“Just the size of it and the selection. The digital components, space for the kids as well as the huge amount of selection.”

Sally Roof, 63, Dayton teacher
Photo: Staff Writer

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Anayah Taylor, 11, Dayton Regional STEM School

“To me it means I can come here every day and study and find the books I need.”

Anayah Taylor, 11, Dayton
Photo: Staff Writer

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Maggie Shively, 9, Orchard Park Elementary, Kettering

“It’s beautiful. It’s huge. It’s way better for kids.”

Maggie Shively, 9, Kettering
Photo: Staff Writer

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