ThinkTV is back on air after equipment failure


ThinkTV is back on the air after a four-day outage.

The Dayton nonprofit — which can be found on channels 16 and 14 — went off air on Friday just after 4 p.m.

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David Fogarty, president of CET and ThinkTV, said in a statement that a major component of their master control that originates all of their programming had completely failed.

“It was an extraordinary event,” Fogarty said. “We searched high and low, but no equipment was available, even temporarily.”

A replacement arrived four days later from the manufacturer.

“We sincerely regret the loss of our programming service to so many of our viewers and supporters,” he said. “There is nothing worse than going off the air for a broadcaster, particularly for a public television station.”

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ThinkTV stated that, "We understand that many of the shows you were looking forward to were not available on broadcast during the outage. We have rescheduled those shows to air again in the near future. You can find that information online at"

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