‘This is real world’: Wright-Patt false active shooter call released

A call that led a response to a false active shooter report at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has been released.

A caller from inside the medical center told the defense operation center that there was a “real world” active shooter.

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“As far as we know we know right now we do have an active shooter,” the caller said.

When asked for a description of the shooter or if he had heard shots, the caller said no.

“In your opinion, how is it an active shooter if you didn’t hear any shots?” the defense operation center asked. “Do you see someone trying to physically harm somebody or anything? Who told you?”

The caller reported that he heard it from fire dispatch.

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“They said it over the mic twice,” the caller said.

Before the call, the defense operation center received a call from a person in the emergency room who asked if there was an exercise going on.

“You talking about the active shooter at the hospital?” the defense operation center asked. “We’re not a part of that one.”

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They said that they did get a call about an injured jogger who may have twisted her ankle, but that they had not received a call about an active shooter at the hospital.


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