Trotwood mayor asks for ‘long-term recovery support’ for tornado damage

Trotwood's annual State of the City address was held Monday night as city officials turned the event into a post tornado recovery update featuring an open community forum to discuss plans to move forward after the Memorial Day tornado that hit the city.

Trotwood Mayor Mary McDonald said she would focus on helping people recover from the disaster that left 36 structures destroyed, 175 structures with major damage and another 207 structures reporting other damages.

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“The powerful tornado that tore through our beloved Trotwood left nothing short of devastation,” she said. “Lives were disrupted and hundreds of families lost everything.”

She added that as Trotwood continues to renew and restore itself, the help from the faith community and local and state politicians and the White House continues.

“We ask for long-term recovery support,” McDonald said.

Montgomery County saw four tornadoes touch down on the late evening of May 27 causing major damage in several communities including Brookville, Butler Twp., Clayton, Dayton, Harrison Twp., Riverside, Trotwood and Vandalia.

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