Village traffic signs vandalized with political message

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Yellow Springs Sign Vandalism

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

YELLOW SPRINGS — Village police are searching for suspects after 38 stop signs were recently vandalized, according to officials.

The vandals used spray paint to write STOP Trump and RZR on the traffic signs. Most of the signs are tagged with these words, according to police.


“It looks like the majority of the stop signs were the same perpetrator because of the style of writing,” said Brian Carlson, the interim Yellow Springs police chief.

The graffiti started to appear on signs last year, and has increased in the past few weeks, according to officials.

“There’s this desperate need to have impact in this society and that’s what this is about,” said Heidi Eastman.

News Center 7’s Gabrielle Enright reported most residents were confused by the vandalism.

I feel it’s soft activism,” said Keegan Smith-Nichols. “Feels good while doing it but I don’t feel like anyone painting ‘Stop Trump’ is going to change anyone’s opinion.”

Authorities do not have any suspects.

“I suppose it’s a teenager, maybe a prankster,” said Al Denman.

Now, the reflective quality of the signs has been damaged making them unsafe and they will cost about $3,100 to replace, according to officials.

Replacement traffic signs have been ordered and should be installed within a month, Carlson said.


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Credit: Gabrielle Enright/STAFF

Credit: Gabrielle Enright/STAFF

Credit: Gabrielle Enright/STAFF

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