Visitors can use tech to get deals at Kings Island

When you head to Kings Island, the screams you hear should be coming from the riders, not from the shock of draining your wallet.

One of the best tools to help you get great deals at the Warren County amusement park is your smart phone.

"The best way to save money when you are planning a visit to Kings Island is to go to our website You'll save up to $21 on admission tickets, so the average family of four, they are going to save over $80 just on admission tickets by going to our website. You can also save on tickets by going to area Kroger stores," said Don Helbig, public relations area manager at Kings Island.

Visitor Kevin Valentine of Indiana bought his discount tickets at Kroger and said following a budget is important.

Every buck we can save, we can have more fun,” Valentine said.

The $21 discount brings the admission price down to $43—which equals the cost of admission back in 1999, said Helbig.

To save money on meals at the park you can buy a $29.99 meal plan which will get you an entree and a side every ninety minutes.

More food discounts can be accessed through the Kings Island app.

“Throughout the day you will get special offers around the park, merchandise deals, but also food deals, such as 50 percent off a funnel cake or other snacks throughout the park,” said Helbig.

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Another money saver, especially in the summer heat, a $10.99 souvenir drink bottle which will get you free refills all day— plus filling it up is more convenient this year.

“We’ve added drink refill stations throughout the park, so you don’t have to wait in regular food lines to refill your drink bottle,” said Helbig.

You can also bring your own water bottle and fill it for free, like frugal mom Amanda Jackson.

“We try to bring out water bottles, snacks and lunch for the kids and not have to buy everything at the park,” said Jackson.

If you plan on going to Kings Island multiple times this summer, there’s some good news— the Gold Pass deadline has been extended until June 6.