WATCH: Moose on the loose causes traffic backup on Alaska highway

Two baby moose caused quite the backup on an Alaska roadway, and motorists that were caught on video helping them to safety were reportedly breaking state law.

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The pair backed up traffic 50 cars deep and couldn’t make it over the median to get to their mother, who was already on the other side of the busy road, according to Alaska-based news outlet KTVA.

At least three people began chasing after and corralling the calf, which spooked it, causing it to dart around in jerky and panicky motions.

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The first person grabs its middle, then another its head, and all of a sudden, they're picking it up and heaving it over the median.

One worker for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game says while these people may have thought they were helping, they were likely making things worse. Not to mention, what they did is illegal.

If this happens to Alaska residents, the only thing they should do, the worker says, is call Fish and Game.

While  no one was hurt, the representative hopes these people -- and everyone watching at home-- learned a lesson: Never, ever touch a moose.

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