Learn how to turn your financial troubles around for 2020

Dealing with your finances can be a struggle for some, leaving some in dire straits or paying off debts with high interest rates.

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However, News Center 7’s Letitia Perry went to Oakwood to speak to a local financial expert on how to turn that trend around for 2020.

Mark Morris, of Secure Future Advisors, offered four rules to follow for any healthy income. First, spend less than you earn. Then, build your emergency fund. Third, try to avoid high-interest debt, and finally think of your finances with a long-term perspective.

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Jeff Garnica, also of Secure Future Advisors, added that people should start with planning paycheck to paycheck.

“We encourage people to start ‘simply’,” he said. If you have saved a thousand dollars, he said that baby step one is another thousand dollars.

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