Teacher accused of cornering female student, forcing her to touch him sexually

Photo courtesy CBS 4 Indianapolis
Photo courtesy CBS 4 Indianapolis

A Hagerstown teacher is accused of felony sexual misconduct with a minor after the 14-year-old female victim told investigators he cornered her in a classroom and forced her to touch his privates, court records read.

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William Drake, 68, is listed on Hagerstown schools website as teaching physical education, science and health at the district. He was arrested by Wayne County Sheriff’s deputies after turning himself in. He was released on bond a short time after his arrest.


Court documents read that Drake told another student to tell the female victim she needed to stay after class.

The victim told investigators she did stay after class and that was when Drake allegedly forced her into a corner in the classroom.

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“Drake cornered (the victim)...held her hands to the sides, and started sniffing down her neck,” a probable cause affidavit read. “She stated that he then whispered to her that ‘he was ready to finally get her alone and was glad it was this way.’”

The victim said Drake tried to remove her shirt and whispered for her to unbutton her pants.  She also said Drake had undone his pants and forced her hands onto his privates, the court record read.

During the incident the victim told investigators the phone rang, startling Drake, which gave her time to escape.

“She feels that if the phone had not rung, he may have continued to touch her,” court records read.

Drake met with police and denied all the allegations made against him by the victim and said he did not make any physical contact with the victim.

“Drake claims he did not remember having the victim stay after class on the day in question,” the court records read.

According to records, Drake also allegedly rubbed his front side on her butt in a sexual manner at the school’s Snowball Dance in early December.

Detectives were alerted to the case after the victim reported the incident to the district in late February.