Winter storm: 4 ways you can prepare now

Friday will be a day with ever changing conditions. The morning started wet and through the afternoon and evening a transition from rain, to freezing rain/sleet then snow will take place. It is important to be ready for these changes because the roads will be different as the day goes on.

Charge your phone

The threat for icing is real today and has already been observed on trees and power lines in parts of the Miami Valley as freezing rain falls. Keep in mind, elevated surfaces like trees and power lines will take on ice accumulation first since they are elevated and can fall to 32 degrees faster. The threat for power outages will remain Friday and Friday night. Having your phone ready to go if you lose power or need it on the road will help.

Watch for wet or snowy roads

This storm system has already brought a lot of rain to the area. As temperatures fall below freezing wet roads will become icy. This is a day where roads may look “wet” but indeed could be icy. As snow falls into the evening, there is a good chance ice will have developed below it. This will reduce traction even more on the roads so take it slow or stay home tonight if possible.

Be mindful of the type of snow

The amount of moisture and temperature can play a part in how the snow will be. Since this is a transitional system, the air is getting colder. Snow will likely begin with a 5:1 then 10:1 or higher ratio. This means it would take five inches of melted snow to create one inch of liquid water. A wet snow will also be heavier. It might be difficult to shovel and can skew totals. This type of snow can also produce slushy conditions that ice over into the night easier.

Don’t crowd each other on the road

The threat for icy conditons and active snowfall during the commute this evening means plenty of space will be needed. The more space you give each other the better, in case there are any slideoffs or the visibility is reduced.

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