Woman escorted from water park because her bikini was too small

Park workers say the bottoms showed too much

Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook

Madelyn Sheaffer had just lost more than 100 pounds and was proud to wear a bikini to a water park with her family and friends.
That day turned into an embarrassment when two young girls told her the bathing suit she was wearing wasn’t covering enough.
She asked to talk to a manager who told her to either cover up or leave.

Sheaffer told 41 Action News "I felt like it was both age and body discrimination and I felt like I could look around me and I could see a handful of other girls half my age, wearing the same size swimming suit and not being singled out and told to put on clothes or leave."

Sheaffer told the manager she wanted to talk to police to file a complaint but that backfired.
When cops arrived, they escorted Sheaffer from the park.

Madelyn claims the officers were on her side but told her they “had to do their job.”
 Workers at the water park haven’t commented as of yet.
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