Florida woman fulfills 90th birthday wish to visit Esther Price

One woman’s 90th birthday wish was simple: she wanted to visit the Esther Price candy store.

Thanks to the help of a few, that wish was granted when Carol Matusoff visited the Esther Price store in Dayton yesterday, Nov. 26.

A lifelong chocolate fan, Carol’s daughter, Jody Matusoff Zitsman, asked her if she’d like to celebrate her 90th birthday by going on a vacation or cruise. Carol said her birthday wish was to visit Esther Price’s store from her home in Florida for her favorite treats.

Her daughter reached out to the company, and Carol was met for her trip by Jim Day and Doug Dressman, the respective owner and VP of Esther Price, for a personalized factory tour and tasting. They took Carol throughout the factory and made sure she left her visit with a large birthday basket of chocolate. Carol said she first started visiting Esther Price in 1957 and would frequently stop by for a dark chocolate treat after seeing a movie.

Hundreds of social media users wished Carol Matusoff a happy birthday after her birthday visit to Esther Price touched so many. 
The Esther Price community wishes Carol a fantastic 90th birthday and hopes she had a wonderful trip visiting her hometown of Dayton.

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