Miamisburg police investigate soccer club funds

Police are investigating a soccer club in connection with “possible stolen funds.”

Detectives told this news organization they have an “open investigation” into a club, and no charges have been filed.

Police would not confirm which club they are looking into or how much funds they are trying to account for. But this news organization has obtained from two independent sources an email the SouthStars Soccer Club in Miamisburg sent out Nov. 27.

The club “discovered that there were some irregularities with the bookkeeping of funds,” according to the letter from SouthStars Soccer Club.

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The letter indicates concerns with that organization’s books.

“Members of the board immediately took action and began the process of investigating the situation in an effort to fully understand what was going on,” the letter states.

The president of the club declined to comment when contacted by this news organization today. Attempts to reach the person listed as the treasurer have been unsuccessful.

Police have also declined to give any details on the investigation.

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