Moraine, a hub of innovation, marks 52 years as a city

Moraine, whose motto is “progress through unity,” officially became a city May 12, 1965.

The city has a rich history and lists many notable facts on its website, including these seven:

Named after a geographical feature. Moraines were created when prehistoric glaciers, carving their way across the land, deposited gravel, sand and boulders.

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Credit: Chuck Hamlin

Credit: Chuck Hamlin

New terms. The Speedwell Motor Car Company began making automobiles in Moraine in 1907. For seven years the company made a "sedan," a term for a closed car. It is believed to be the first recorded use of the term.

Origin in two townships. Moraine was originally part of Van Buren Township and Miami Township. In 1952 Van Buren Township citizens voted to become the Village of Kettering.

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How about them apples? John "Johnny Appleseed" Chapman planted a grove of apple trees west of Dorf Drive while hiking from Urbana to Cincinnati in the 1820s. In 2010 the city honored the 236th birthday of "Johnny Appleseed" and planted for second generation trees from the original seeds.

More flying innovation. Orville Wright tested the first hydro-aeroplanes, versions of sea planes, in 1912-13 along the Great Miami River in Moraine.

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Credit: Staff Photo

Credit: Staff Photo

Early airport. Moraine Field was the area's first municipal airport. Established in the early 1920s, the "Moraine Flying Field" was the airport used in the area until the Dayton Airport opened in 1929.

Manufacturing hub.The city has a rich manufacturing history. Thousands of aircraft were built at the Dayton Wright Airplane factory, Frigidaire made refrigerators and General Motors built millions of automobiles. Today DMAX and Fuyao continue the legacy.

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