NCR who? Company's footprint in Dayton almost gone

NCR announced its move to a second headquarters in Atlanta on Monday after snubbing Dayton in 2009. The expletives I mumbled under my breath quickly evaporated after looking out the window of our Cox Media Group Ohio building at 1611 South Main Street, which is a former NCR building itself.

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In every direction from our office are the signs of progress that have taken place since 1,200 lost their jobs or were uprooted after NCR went to Georgia.

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The footprint NCR left in Dayton is large, but many in the community saw opportunity.

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The University of Dayton, Dayton History, GE, Emerson, Cox Media Group Ohio and the City of Oakwood have all worked to revitalize and bring people back to the River Park area through new construction or renovation and reuse of existing buildings and land.

Credit: Chris Stewart

Credit: Chris Stewart

GE’s EPISCENTER, University of Dayton Research Institute’s move into the former NCR Headquarters, Emerson’s Helix, Oakwood’s new stadium the reopening of Old River Park and the formation of Cox Media Group Ohio in a former NCR building all happened after the departure of NCR.

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While not all of these projects are a direct result of NCR’s leaving Dayton, The University of Dayton’s subsequent purchase of NCR’s property was key in supporting a vison for acreage in the south part of Dayton which included getting GE and Emerson to build here.

Next, come the Fairgrounds plans.

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