NEW DETAILS: City seeks loan as bill to fix buckled road tops $1.5M

Miamisburg has sought a state loan to fund its share for repairs to a buckled stretch of road closed for several months that will take more than $1.5 million to fix.

City records show it has been approved for a State Infrastructure Bank loan of more than $1 million to pay for repairs to Lower Miamisburg Road after part of it near the Great Miami River was closed last year.

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Miamisburg City Engineer Bob Stanley said the hillside terrain near the road’s edge and heavy spring rains in 2018 were contributing factors in causing the asphalt to buckle and separate – several inches in some cases.

The Montgomery County Transportation Improvement District applied for the loan on the city’s behalf from the Ohio Department of Transportation’s SIB, records show.

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The state loan will cover $1,005,564 of the city’s total share of $1,149,462, according to Miamisburg records. Montgomery County will pay for the remaining costs, records indicate.

The road was closed last spring between South Union Road and Dee Avenue, city records state.

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