Miamisburg starts producing soft water as part of $70 million overhaul

Miamisburg has started producing soft water to customers in the city, a key part of its $70 million overhaul of its water and sewer systems.

The process will be gradual, according to the city, as “extreme softening changes the chemical makeup of water to the point that it can be detrimental to fixtures, plumbing and appliances,” Public Works Director Valerie Griffin said.

The hardness level of the city’s drinking water was previously an estimated 22 grains per gallon (gpg), or 376 parts per million (ppm). When fully implemented, the new softened water will have a hardness level of approximately 7 gpg, or 150 ppm, according to the city.


For customers who have water softeners in their home and choose to keep them operational, Griffin said it’s important to adjust the unit settings to reflect the new hardness level, as follows:

•By end of December, modify your setting to ten (10) grains per gallon.

•By end of January, modify your setting to seven (7) grains per gallon.

To avoid problems, “we strongly urge homeowners with water softeners to either disconnect their unit or follow the manufacturer’s instructions to adjust their settings,” Griffin said. “ If they do that, they’ll get an increased level of softness, but not a level that could harm their plumbing.”


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