Nonprofit works to provide safe housing

A nonprofit in Dayton is working to provide safe housing for a local homeowner.

Rebuilding Together Dayton partners community leaders and local corporate businesses as a way of bringing the community together to create safer, healthier housing for all.

A 62-year-old resident from Westwood was homeless for years, but recently moved into a new home. Rebuilding Together Dayton finished repairs and maintenance on the woman’s house on Monday.

The nonprofit partnered with contractors from Ravlin's Roofing & Painting and Rambo's Plumbing to fix up her house, located on Huron Avenue. They also provided the resident with a Seasonal Safe@Home "Fix It Kit."

“The Fix It Kit, sponsored by The Dayton Foundation, provides opportunites for volunteers to install numerous safety, health and energy efficiency items. Those items include combination smoke/CO alarms, fire extinguisher, anti-slip stair tread strips, bath mat, cleaning supplies, flashlights, new lightbulbs, nightlights and an Energy Saving Kit from Dayton Power and Light,” according to a news release.

In 2015, the nonprofit brought together hundreds of volunteers with over 2,500 volunteer hours and using local contractors to help repair 133 homes with a community impact of over $350,000, according to Rebuilding Together Dayton.