Jim Otte takes you behind the scenes at the RNC

Ohio GOP chief says convention off to good start

Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges said the Republican National Convention in Cleveland has gotten off to a good start.

“It’s a great plan put together by the folks at the host committee and the RNC and the city of Cleveland,” he said Sunday.

Borges said so far he has heard about no security events and he said the city can handle the crowd.

He said about 50,000 people are expected for the convention.

“Seventy thousand people go to a Browns game every Sunday, so it’s nothing the city can’t handle,” Borges said. Last month, more than one million fans were downtown to celebrate the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the NBA championship.

The Republican Party is expected to nominate Donald Trump at the convention this week, but Borges said the Ohio delegates are all voting for Kasich.

“He won the state, we’re bound on the first ballot,” Borges said. “After this week we’ll all get to work to make sure we carry the White House.