More on arming teachers

The Mad River Schools’ decision to make weapons available for teachers to use in active-shooter situations has drawn a lot of mail. This is from teacher Steve Flickinger:

“Coming as I do from the generation of the nuclear bomb drills in school, they always seemed so remote. The threat of guns and other weapons in school, on the other hand, seem very real. I think arming faculty is a real solution. There are a few provisos, however. First, only those faculty that are comfortable with arming themselves should be allowed to do so. Some aren’t and that should be respected. Secondly, the training in the mechanics of using a weapon should be intense. Most importantly, those faculty members who will be armed must be screened and made aware that taking a human life is a tough proposition. It’s not like it is on TV and shooting under pressure is very difficult. …

“The sooner the shooter is confronted the better for all inside the school. “

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