UD police to use campus-wide siren in emergencies

The University of Dayton has installed a siren to alert people on campus to emergencies.

The siren will be used for severe weather warnings and other incidents that would prompt students, faculty and staff to look to the campus emergency notification system for more information, the university announced today.

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The university will begin testing the siren in March and officials will provide notice 24-hours ahead of time, according to the school.

Once testing is complete, UD’s siren will be tested in conjunction with the schedule for other county agencies, which is for three minutes at noon the first Monday of each month.

The funding for UD’s campus siren was provided in the form of a grant from the Montgomery County Emergency Management Agency.

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“The siren will be heard all across campus,” said UD police chief Rodney Chatman in a prepared statement. “We especially want the siren to reach anyone not near a computer or cell service to alert them to check our campus emergency notification system in the safest manner possible.”

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