Posters removed from Belmont H.S. depicting bodies of rival teams

A high school here has some upset parents after posters were hung in the hallway depicting a crime scene and bodies in reference to rival sports teams.

The display at Belmont High School included crime scene tape and cut-outs of bodies with rivals schools — such as Northmont, Dunbar and Franklin — written across them. Quotes on the poster display included, “Let the bodies hit the floor” and “Cap those Cougars,” a reference to gunfire.

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"They're shocking,” said Christopher Hall, a parent in the Dayton district. “These shootings are on our minds."

The display was up at the school over the Feb. 17 weekend. The posters were removed Tuesday.

"It's inappropriate to have anything to indicate that we are accepting of violence,” said Elizabeth Lolli, interim superintendent in Dayton.

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Lolli said she ordered the posters be removed as soon as she learned of them. She said she doesn’t believe anyone was advocating violence, and hopes this will cause more parents and students to talk about safety.

"The conversations occur daily among our security staff, they occur daily with our administrative teams, but we need to make sure they're daily conversations with everyone involved,” Lolli said.

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