Asst. Superintendent: Ex-teacher facing student sex charge didn’t want to change buildings

Two juveniles took the stand Wednesday afternoon in the trial of a former Miamisburg teacher accused of having sex with a middle school student.

A 15-year-old told the jury he saw the teen alleged to have sex with Jessica Langford hiding under her classroom desk on the morning of May 23, 2017.

The other teen to testify Wednesday said Langford asked later that day to use his phone to make a call.

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The 15-year-old said he walked into Langford’s classroom for first period class on the last day of school and “saw (the student) under the desk….after a few minutes he left.”

The second student – a 14-year-old – said he let Langford use his phone after she asked him if she could borrow it.

Miamisburg Assistant Superintendent Steve Homan also testified. Homan said he told Langford she would be transferred to an elementary school the next school year.

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Homan said Langford told him she may resign and she did not need the job for money because of her husband’s income.

Langford “did not want to move buildings,” Homan said. He noted that she said, “I can just leave….I can quit.”

The father of the teenager alleged to have sex with Langford said he warned his son against being with her.

“Don’t go into her classroom. It’s wrong,” the man, a local police officer, said he told his son in a text message.

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“She’s damaging you,” the man told jurors Wednesday that he told his son in another text.

Jessica Langford, 32, of Centerville, is accused of having sex with the 14-year-old in 2017 and resigned shortly thereafter as a result.

The morning before the alleged crimes occurred — May 23, 2017 — the man testified he exchanged a series of texts with his son about not associating with a teacher.

The father of the alleged victim said his son later told him he “had sex with a teacher.”


The man said he called the middle school resource officer. The officer told him the school was in the jurisdiction of the Miami Township Police Department.

The teen’s father said the day after talking with his son he filed a report with Miami Township police.

The man said he called the Miamisburg Middle School resource officer, who referred him to the Miami Township Police Department, where he filed a police report the day after talking with his son.

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“It was a criminal matter — from what (my son) disclosed,” he testified. “It was a crime.”

Langford was indicted in November on three counts of sexual battery and three counts of unlawful sexual contact with a minor.

Langford’s attorney said the student involved — now 15 — has repeatedly denied having sex with Langford.

Prosecutors contend Langford had sex with the teen before school on May 23, when they say the two were alone in Langford’s locked Miamisburg Middle School classroom.

The teen’s father was among more than a handful of prosecution witnesses as the state continued to present its case on the second day of the trial in front of a jury of eight men and four women.

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The student’s father said he received a call on the afternoon of May 23 from Miamisburg Middle School Principal Kelly Thomas about the alleged crime that afternoon.

But the man said he did not mention to Kelly the early-morning text exchange he had with his son.

“She was not worried about my son,” he told the jury. “She was worried about the liability of the school.”

Langford had a solid tenure of nearly nine years in the district. She was hired full time in August 2008, serving at three schools while receiving good evaluations, personnel records show.

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The teen did not have Langford as a teacher, but the two exchanged cell phone messages the prior weekend during a school field trip to Washington D.C., prosecutors said.

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Langford’s attorney said his client isn’t guilty of the six sex charges against her — and said the alleged victim repeatedly said the incident sex between the two did not occur.

Defense attorney Lawrence Greger said the teen told several people he never had sex with Langford.

“No evidence from the investigation would lead to suspect that any touching, romantic or sexual activity took place,” Greger said.

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“It never happened,” Greger told the jury the teen told his girlfriend.

The alleged victim told Thomas and other administrators he and Langford did not have sex.

The trial is expected to continue through the end of the week.

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