Protesters surround House speaker’s car after he is charged with corruption

As Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder emerged from the federal courthouse in Columbus Tuesday after his arraignment on corruption charges, several dozen protesters swarmed him, surrounding the car he got into and preventing him from leaving until police arrived.

The group of several dozen chanted things like “Black Lives Matter” and “Hell no we won’t go.” One woman held a sign that said “Abuse of power comes as no surprise.”

Columbus police arrived within minutes. Householder drove off as they took a woman into custody.

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The group also detained former Ohio GOP chairman Matt Borges from leaving until police arrived.

Protester Christina McDaniel said the group is out there protesting daily.

“The message today is different today because he is a representative that has to vote on things that we bring to them,” she said. “How can you vote no to us, then take from us behind our back at the same time?”

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